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Since launching in September 2020, membership in
Walmart’s Walmart+ program has hovered around 11 to 11.5 million members – a mere fraction of the 168 million U.S. Amazon Prime members.

This week's Home Retail Monitor looks at interest in the
Walmart+ program, including its most important features.

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What does consumer interest in the Walmart+ program look like?

  • 67% of respondents are aware of Walmart+.
  • 37% find Walmart+ appealing enough to pay the $99 membership fee.
  • 38% rate same-day delivery as the most important benefit.

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The all-important mid-terms.

According to this week’s report, what’s most important for brands and retailers: 80% believe that the mid-terms' outcome will impact how they approach their spending in 2023. Read the entire study to see how this could impact home improvement retail.

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Walmart+ vs Amazon Prime - HRM




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